5 Apps to make your photos look more old

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Dalgona Camera for Android, iOS & PC

Dalgona Camera - Vintage App

The Dalgona camera app is a vintage filter app specifically made to give your pictures a quality vintage look. It takes your image back to the 90’s, gives it that feeling of a cool suburban look.

With about six filters made by referring to photographs in magazines, movie brochures and old albums from 1980 to 1990’s, it takes only a few shot before you have the feel of the analog sensitivity of Dalgona.

But, Dalgona isn’t merely for giving your photos that aged look. It’s also a full-featured camera application. You can take pictures with your camera’s full resolution, complete with effects. You can use the digital zoom button for those hard to reach places and you can even mix a lot of

Dalgona Retro Camera Photo Editor


Dalgona camera app allows you to use either of your cameras, be it the front facing camera or the rear camera, it gives the same quality and helps improve it in line with your phones camera quality. Dolgana vintage camera app can be used by both iOS and Android users and even on your PC should know you are the type that loves to Skype and take selfies with your PC facing the camera.

Apart from all the picture qualities, with each vintage filter effect coming in sub-five effects, for example, the III effect is quite a commendable filter, and it comes in five sub-effects. This is geared towards achieving that retro look that you probably have in mind.

Apart from the effect, one thing that will amuse you and you may not find in regular iOS or Andriod Camera or photo filter apps is the DATE STAMP. Yeah!!! You saw that right. Dalgona allows you to add dates with beautiful fonts to your pictures. An amazing feature you will agree with me.