Dalgona App for iOS

It doesn’t delve in the realm of faux-vintage digital art, but instead keeps to a rather timid selection of simpler, but nonetheless good-looking retro filters. Most of the effects Retrica has to offer simulate the look of old films and other idiosyncrasies from the film era, such as light leaks and color fading. If you’re looking for a more traditional retro camera app, then Retrica should offer you plenty enough.

Dalgona app for iOS

Whether or not you fancy yourself as a “hipster” or just someone interested in being creative with your photos and video, there’s a lot of options available on Android and iOS. Sure, these filters and throwback camera apps often get a lot of criticism, but they certainly have their place and for the creative out there, some really great pictures and footage can be put together with an injection of nostalgia.

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